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What is an All-Round Digital Marketer and how do you become one?

What is an All-Round Digital Marketer and how do you become one? | RCM School Of Excellence Digital College

Digital marketing, as a career, can be broken up into a number of different though interlinking fields, and any individual looking to blaze a trail through a digital marketing career path would do well to master them accordingly, even if just to be able to keep a finger on the pulse of their agency’s operations. While many professionals in the digital marketing industry have opted to specialise in one field or another, having an all-round understanding of each one has given people who are ambassadors of an agency or working through their own private capacity, the means to oversee every aspect of a campaign.

So, in short, an all-round digital marketer is someone who is proficient in all of the following fields, and as such, is generally in a position to orchestrate campaigns. Becoming one requires as much experience into these areas as possible, which requires no small amount of practice, research and study.

Digital Strategy and Planning

Developing effective marketing strategies that suit the unique situations of each of your campaigns that operate over digital channels such as the web, mobile apps, social media advertising, and video campaigns. Experience in this field will allow you to delegate and make use of the skills available in your organisation, and will do so in a quantifiable way that can be measured to make effective changes to your campaign.

Search Marketing

Search marketing strategies that make use of AdWords, PPC marketing, display, and SEO are generally the most important part of any digital marketing campaign and requires a sound understanding of the principles of search engine optimisation and effective design to ensure that the campaign reaches its intended target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fast-growing marketing channel that suits the needs of many types of businesses. An all-round marketer understands this and knows which campaigns would benefit the most from social media marketing. In doing so, the all-round digital marketer needs to have a sound understanding of the advertising principles supported by platforms such as Google+, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Sales and Customer Relations

Like any business in the world, managing your sales department and seeing to the needs and concerns of your existing customers is a crucial role for success. The all-round digital marketer should be able to effectively pull customers from a wide range of industries into their service through rigorous and targeted marketing and sales, as well as brand promotion. Seeing to it that clear, two-way communications between an agency and their customers is also essential. Remember, finding clients is only half the work, keeping them happy takes up the rest.

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