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Digital Marketing College

The RCM School of Excellence Digital Marketing College offers a range of short courses in digital skills.

Our short courses are designed to upskill the learner and provide enough knowledge so that they are able to apply their knowledge in a practical working environment.

Short courses are designed to take up as little time as possible, because these courses are marketed to the working individual.

On completion of one of our short courses, you will be awarded with a certificate which is accredited by the RCM School of Excellence. The certificate that you receive on completion of the course is a great CV booster for those individuals who are seeking career opportunities, or for individuals who are looking to change careers.

Our digital college is accredited locally and internationally, therefore you can be rest assured that you will be gaining a wealth of knowledge from experienced professionals that can take you to career opportunities all over the world.

Should you or your organisation require a tailor-made package specific to your job role or industry, we are happy to accommodate you and your educational needs.

Short courses are a fantastic way to upskill and improve your knowledge and it is convenient, as it is conducted in a short period of time and according to a fairly flexible schedule.

We offer a variety of comprehensive courses in digital skills, including: agile learning, Google Ads, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, web design and web development.

For more information regarding our short courses, or for a tailor-made package, contact the RCM School of Excellence today.