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International Certification

Through our affiliation with the globally acknowledged Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), we offer Internationally Certified courses in digital marketing. DMI sets the global standard in digital marketing certification. DMI has certified more professionals to a single digital education standard than any other certification body, and we at the RCM School of Excellence are proud to officially align ourselves with them.

Google Certification

Our Digital Marketing courses offer official Google Accreditation through Google Partners. This much sought after accreditation proves proficiency when it comes to advertising on Google and is an essential element to a respected digital portfolio. Becoming a Google Partner opens up a world of possibilities within the Digital Market!

Certification of Competence

RCM School Of Excellence Digital College logo 1When International Certification is not essential, RCM School of Excellence‘s Certification of Competence is a more cost-effective way to kick off a career in Digital Marketing. This Certificate of Competence proves that you not only undertook the studies but excelled at them. This will distinguish you from your peers and set you on the path to success!

Certificate of Completion

RCM School Of Excellence Digital College logo 1No matter what your marks are at the end of your course, you will always receive proof of your training with RCM School of Excellence. The RCM School of Excellence‘s Certificate of Completion will bolster your CV and improve your chances of landing the perfect job.

The RCM School of Excellence offers a diploma

The RCM School of Excellence offers a diploma in all fields of digital, which is accredited through the ICITP. The diploma covers modules in Google advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web design, website development, animation design and an introduction to mobile application development. This course offers a number of career opportunities to students and thus has become our best seller. The ICITP accreditation also offers you the opportunity to become an associate member of the ICITP.

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