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What is Digital Marketing?

Defining ‘digital marketing’ is not as easily done as you might imagine. It is an industry made up of a relationship between numerous critical skills that when applied correctly, enable marketing campaigns to reach their target audiences effectively. The difference between digital marketing and those that use traditional mediums, is that it makes use of the power of the internet to run campaigns that are engaging, creative, customizable, and able to reach very specific target audiences.

Between search engines such as Google, social media platforms such as Facebook, and media streaming hubs such as YouTube, digital marketing makes use of globally connected, digital channels to get a marketer’s message across to a wider, or more specific audience. So which digital skills make up the gears of the industry?

Website and Mobile App Development

All digital campaigns need channels by which they can reach their audience, the most popular of which are websites and mobile apps. Highly skilled designers and developers are key to laying down the foundations of a campaign, making this a critical field in the industry.

App and web development is both creative and analytical, requiring extremely skilled personnel to get the best results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the fine art of getting websites and landing pages on the Google to rank highly on search engine results pages. To this end, they make use of keywords, AdWord bids and carefully crafted content to get their campaigns noticed on search engines such as Google, by boosting their organic rankings through the creation of engaging and appropriate content, while managing Google AdWords campaigns to fly landing pages alongside their top competitors’ placements on search engine results.

Targeted Research and Metrics

Understanding what your target audience is looking for, how they search for it, and what draws them to making lead generating decisions is a critical part of marketing, since it allows marketers to make informed decisions. When it comes to SEO, analytics is a challenging, rewarding and integral part of the industry.

SEO is a dynamic field with constantly changing variables, which makes research into innovative SEO techniques an important part of market research as well, which is often done by seasoned professionals who are more than happy to share their findings on blogs or hubs.

Social Media Campaign Management

Social media channels provide an excellent way for small and large campaigns to reach an audience and build brand awareness through digital social means. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that spread user generated content and create an interest in brands, are leveraged in social media campaigns to build a campaign around a brand.

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