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What it Means to be a Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

What it Means to be a Digital Marketing Campaign Manager | RCM School Of Excellence Digital College

In the field of digital marketing, there is a lot to be done by entire teams of people. Websites need to be designed to customer specification, they also need to be optimised to rank highly on search engines. Teams of developers, graphic designers, content writers and managers, SEO specialists and filmographers all need to be orchestrated to work cohesively in producing a digital campaign that helps to grow its respective business.

And somebody has to oversee this orchestration, all the while measuring the effectiveness of the campaign and making changes where need be. This person is the campaign manager.

The Campaign Manager’s job

Out of all of the tasks to be undertaken in a digital marketing campaign, those expected from the campaign manager are possibly the most demanding. In an agency setting, campaign managers will need to juggle numerous projects while overseeing all areas of their production.

This means that the manager needs to be somewhat of a jack of all trades, knowing the ins-and-outs of each task they are overseeing. Because of this they need to be dynamic, adaptable and be on a constant lookout for ways to use new channels, to improve on current campaigns and to move with consumer habits as they transform in society.

How do you become a campaign manager?

Being a campaign manager is no easy task, which means that it requires no small amount of knowledge and exceptional levels of experience in all fields of digital marketing and communication to find success. Because of this, there is no shortcut to becoming a campaign manager; you need to put years of experience and practice behind you by working with campaigns either in-house or from an agency to acquire the necessary skills.

But where can one start?

Getting out of the starting gate can be done simply enough by landing a junior position at a digital agency. By doing this you will expose yourself to the vibrant world of online marketing, complete with its challenges, rewards and constant changes.

Enrolling in a course that gives you foundational knowledge with all areas of digital marketing is also an essential step, and an opportunity to learn from those who have put their own skills and experience to the test.

Through these types of courses, you will be given insights into all areas of digital campaigns, which will outfit you with what you need to gain further experience in the field.

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