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Making The Choice To Study

Making The Choice To Study

When it comes to making the decision to study comes with a lot of pressure and sometimes a lot of sacrifice, which makes it an even more difficult decision to make when considering all the factors that one has to consider, such as location, finances, time schedules, career paths, and transport. However, going to study is something that is going to set you forward on a great foot towards a great career. And isn’t the point? Nothing great comes without a little sacrifice.

But Studying Isn’t For Everyone

Yes, it is true that not everyone is meant to study, and that some people are better off either learning the craft in a more practical way. Some people do not work well with sitting down to make study notes, or they do not work well with sitting in a lecture hall or classroom to listen to some talk and show them their well-crafted presentations. However, life does not come without its own challenges, and choosing to study is definitely one! It is a challenge with a high reward.

Why Studying Is In Your Best Interest

Studying is definitely in the best interest of everyone. It gives everyone the opportunity to find their feet in the industry that they would like to go into, it is a way for you to upskill yourself with the right skills and knowledge to make a difference within your life. It is something that will give you the chance to challenge yourself and to bring about the change that you want in your life. Studying is a chance to network yourself among your classmates, and lecturers. It is a great opportunity to push yourself and ready yourself for your next big adventure in your life.

Choosing The Right Course

With so many institutions and so many course options, it can become overwhelming and maybe confusing to make the choice to find the right course for you. You should aim to find an institution that suits your needs, are you studying part time or full time? You should find an institution that will help you grow in your career, and of course, one that will balance out the theory with some practical experiences. It does not help to know the history of cars but you still don’t know how to fix it.

RCM School of Excellence

If you are interested in learning digital marketing, digital sales website development and more, be sure to enroll in a course that is perfect for you at RCM School of Excellence. They offer the perfect balance of theory and practical experience in all of their courses and they cater to those fresh from school as well as professionals looking to upskill themselves.

How Studying Online Prepares You For The Industry

How Studying Online Prepares You For The Industry

Many people are choosing to study online, it is easier for them because they have a full time career, it is less time consuming for them or they just enjoy the challenge and opportunity to learn something new for themselves. The world is getting smaller and bigger with the internet, and information and education is reaching out to new people that did not have this kind of accessibility before. But what some people might not realise that studying a digital topic online is great preparation for entering the digital marketing industry. The ability and discipline to self-study is a great skill to have.

What Studying Online Entails?

Studying online means that one does not have to attend any classes, and all they do need is an internet connection to be able to receive their course materials such as assignments, study material, and they need the internet to be able to do research and of course, submit all their work. It means that each person will have to take it upon themselves to find the time and space to go through all their course materials, study and complete assignments before their deadlines. They will of course have to attend tests, or be online at a certain time to complete a test or exam if they do not have to be physically present in a venue. It requires that each learner takes the responsibility of themselves to get their work done when it needs to be done.

How That Works In The Industry

In a fast pacing, digital industry things are constantly changing. If you do not keep up with the news and new trends within the industry, you as a professional could fall behind and so could your company. The consumer is ever evolving and changing, and the world of branding and advertising needs to keep up with them in order to reach them. Self-study and self-discipline is a great skill to have as it shows that you are prepared to take your own intuitive and that you don’t need to be spoon fed any instructions.

RCM School of Excellence

The digital industry is a very competitive one and every brand and agency is looking to be a leader in thought and innovation, and they are always looking for the next and best talent. Studying online is a great way to help you grow and learn, especially if you are already in the industry or looking to change careers. Visit RCM School of Excellence today to enrol in the online course that will help you build a great future.

Building Your Career with Google AdWords

Building Your Career with Google AdWords

Being an AdWords specialist is not a new concept to many people in the industry. It is a booming skill that many industry professionals are seeking to master, as it holds many great opportunities within the marketing and advertising industry all around the world. It is easy to understand why it is becoming such a sought after skill, because so many people are turning to Google to solve their problems and finding brands that will help them do what they need to do, and brands want in on that and for cheaper costs than that of most other forms of advertising.

What Is An AdWords Specialist?

An AdWords specialist is essentially someone who knows how to create the various forms of ads that appear on the various Google networks, such as the search network and the display network. They understand how to create the copy of the ad; they understand how the budgeting and bidding systems work. And of course, they have passed the various Google exams that prove their competence. They also know how to analyse the data that comes with the ad, and how to make the necessary changes.

Using AdWords in Your Career

If you’re a digital marketer or if you are an aspiring digital marketer, becoming a qualified Google AdWords specialist or a PPC specialist will allow you to grow within the industry, and offer you new opportunities that may not have presented themselves before. Becoming a specialist allows you to fulfil other career roles, as well as the opportunity to freelance your skills and make some extra money. You will be able to find yourself in new and exciting places, especially since this is a job that can be done from anywhere as long as there is internet access.

RCM School of Excellence

If the idea of becoming a certified AdWords specialist appeals to you either as a professional in the digital marketing industry, or a student looking to continue growing your skills, or a fresh face from high school looking for some courses to pursue, be sure to enrol in at RCM School of Excellence. They offer a variety of digital marketing courses, including Google AdWords.

The Benefits of Learning WordPress for Your Career

The Benefits of Learning WordPress for Your Career

A few years ago, when you mentioned WordPress to someone, they probably thought of blogs, now it is more than likely a very different story. WordPress is now being used by web developers to create websites and a great backend to maintain and monitor that website. It is easy to understand why many web developers enjoy using WordPress, and it allows for easy navigation for other team members, such as an SEO specialist or a campaign manager, when they need to use the backend of the site. This offers a level of ease and simplicity when it comes to delivering a great service to the client.

A Career as a Web Developer

Becoming a web developer is definitely an exciting venture to travel on, as it is definitely not a boring desk job, that’s for sure. And boring desk jobs are a thing of the past, or for accountants. It is a career full of a wide variety of clients, which sometimes presents an interesting challenge. It is a career fuelled with creativity, deadlines and of course, doing a great service for the client. As a web developer, you will encounter a number of coding and web building languages, and the more you know and master, the better it will be for your career.

The Benefits of WordPress

WordPress offers a variety of benefits that make it a simple and great tool to help web developers build great websites that are professional, but do not cost too much, which means that clients are more likely to agree to have one created. There are a large number of themes that are available that will allow your website to look unique and professional. There are plugins available to be installed onto the website to help it with a lot of its functions. They are easy to update so that means happy clients. They are search engine friendly websites, which help with SEO.

RCM School of Excellence

If you are an industry professional looking to learn about a new platform, or someone who wants to start a great career using WordPress, be sure to visit RCM School of Excellence today to enrol in their web development course and build your skills today!

Social Media: Not Just a Pretty Face

Social media, in the relatively short time that it has been a part of our society, has had a number of incredible impacts on our world. It has transformed the way people shop; how businesses advertise their products, services and brands; it has facilitated massive social transformations; it has given protestors a voice; created celebrities and has been able to connect people in as many unforeseen ways as the imagination can dream up. And as it has done so, it has grown alongside our societies and cultures into an even more functional and dynamic element of our lives. With this in mind,  if ever there was a time to consider building a career off of the back of a professional diploma in social media marketing; it is now! But don’t take my word for it. Here are some of the biggest ways in which social media has changed our world.

Publicising Voter Opinions

Since the dawn of democracy, voting has been considered a fairly private activity. People kept their opinions and preferences to themselves. Here in South Africa, we are used to the right to keep one’s political allegiances a secret, as are many other parts of the Western world. Social media, however, with its power to amplify the voice of its users, brought about a change in the democratic mind-set, whereby our private thoughts and opinions have become a social-badge of honour. For a large portion of voters, the need to keep one’s allegiances private has given way to a need to show support for their chosen party by posting their opinions all over the web. This has also enabled massive interest communities to get into contact with each other to share their ideas and to feel a part of a greater whole; and in cases (such as the inception of the Pirate party in Sweden) has even given rise to new political entities.

The Arab Spring

The recent spate of revolts throughout the middle east that started in Egypt had a very simple catalyst; social media. In fact, social media was so deeply at the heart of the movement that newsworthy sources often got their information from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The revolution started when footage of a fruit-vender being abused was released and shared on social media. Then, these same platforms were used to organise many of the protests staged during the Arab spring which saw many despots removed from seats of power in a short and violent time.

Fake News, Gatekeeping and Reliable Information

Fake news has been cropping up more frequently in our society, and this can almost squarely be blamed on social media. That is not to say that social media intentionally tries to undermine journalistic integrity, but a watering-down of it is a result of its bid to give the average user a voice. Social media has become somewhat of a hive-mind that allows everyone to share their opinions, regardless of the reliability of what is being expressed. Before social media, these information control privileges rested in the hands of a few media giants; and so it could be taken for granted that we received news from credible sources. However, now that all of us are, in some way, information gatekeepers, there are more cracks for misinformation to filter through.

Buying, Selling and Advertising

Commerce has been transformed magnificently thanks to social media, and it has done so in a way that empowers businesses to get their products and services in front of those who are actively looking for them; and in the same token, has provided a value-added purchasing service for consumers to shop with convenience. Digital marketers, too, have found an excellent companion in a variety of social media platforms, since they are dynamic, optimisable, cost effective and bring great results.

Contact the RCM School of Excellence for Details

To find out more about how you can leverage social media as part of your digital marketing career, contact a representative from the RCM School of Excellence Digital College today, or visit our website for more details.

Who is the Digital Marketing Institute?

Accreditation is the buzz-word for the day, and when it comes to any type of skill-building programme, accreditation is the very thing that separates the unworthy from the valuable. As far as digital marketing is concerned, there are a number of ways to break into the industry. You could throw yourself into the thick of things and learn through trial and error, pick up piecemeal information from blogs and forums, or invest in a course that covers all areas of the profession. For the most part, the best way to do this is to take advantage of a digital marketing college and qualifications from authoritative institutions. This will not only impart all of the knowledge that you need to find success but will also ensure that your skills are recognised in the job market. The Digital Marketing Institute is an entity that provides this exact form of surety to those that enroll in courses accredited by them; but who exactly is DMI, and why should they matter to you?

Who is DMI?

The Digital Marketing Institute offers a number of accredited courses, generally offered through third-party colleges that offer accreditation through DMI themselves. To date, they have over 20 000 graduates worldwide who are currently making the most of their digital marketing skills to build successful careers for themselves. Being one of the largest accreditation agencies out there, they are recognised by some of the largest brands and companies the world over; especially right here in South Africa.

Courses Offered Through DMI

Through the DMI, accreditation from a wide range, of course, can be achieved through courses of varying depth. Both professional and specialist diplomas in digital marketing, social media, and social selling can be obtained through a DMI accredited college. For those looking to build there skillset further, postgraduate diplomas and Masters courses can also be taken through them.

The Advantages of an Accredited Course through DMI

Accreditation from an authoritative institution will always give you the upper hand, no matter where you are looking to apply your digital marketing skills. However, here are some of the top advantages to being accredited through DMI:

  • Gain insights into the digital marketing industry directly from experienced professionals.
  • Be recognised in the industry thanks to your accreditation.
  • Provide your customers with value-added services with an all-round knowledge of digital marketing.
  • Get hands-on experience with internships.
  • Keep up to date with industry changes that will give your approach to marketing more appeal for your clientele.
  • Find employment in an ever-growing industry where skills, experience, and accreditation give you a competitive edge.

Get DMI Accreditation through the RCM School of Excellence Digital College

If you would like to find out more about enrolling in a course that is fully accredited through the Digital Marketing Institute, contact a representative from the RCM School of Excellence Digital College today, or visit our website for more information on our services.

Self-Taught or with Guidance: The Better Way to Learn Digital

If you are struggling to decide which is better to build your skill and knowledge, self-taught or with guidance, it could be a bit of an easy choice. This is based on who you are, and your current circumstances. We have all met someone who has been self-taught in something and they are honestly amazing at it. But that does not mean that it will work for you, and in certain fields of knowledge and skills. This includes digital skills. Yes, you are able to do and should do self-study when it comes to building your skill base and keeping up with an ever-changing industry.

Guided Digital Skills Building

You might have hated school and how that process transpired, and you wish to never do that again. But that might not be a great idea. In an industry such as digital marketing and website development, you can greatly benefit from some guidance. With guidance, you are able to have access to updated, ethical and relevant information. By growing your skills this way you can have access to trusted industry information, industry leaders and experience. By having some guidance, you are able to reassure future employees of your capabilities as they know the information from an online course or a college or an internship is more trusted than a five-year-old video on YouTube.

Self-Taught Digital Skills Building

Elements of self-study and self-learning definitely have its place in allowing you to grow as a student and as a professional. The industry is constantly changing as technology changes and people change, and it is worth constantly monitoring that to stay in the know. However, deciding to forgo some guided training could be detrimental as you could end up learning completely wrong information and skills, and that is never great for your career. You could be learning how to do something completely unethically and that could lead to serious trouble. You do not build a great network by watching videos and reading outdated articles online.

RCM School of Excellence

RCM School of Excellence offers you a great opportunity to access guided content for your future. We offer a variety of on-campus and online courses that are structured to help you build your skill and knowledge of the digital industry. Visit our website to see the different courses we have, these range from social media marketing, to website development. Get the best information for yourself and your career with us, in a manner that suits you.

Building the World: How to Become an App Developer

It is no secret that mobile phones and tablets have become a very great and important part of our lives. This is because they can do so much that they never used to do, and they are multiple devices placed into one. They are phones, cameras, video recorders, audio recorders, website browsers, calculators, calendars, photo albums and so much more. They are able to do so much more because of applications, or apps. Apps are there to help smartphone users do things quickly and easily, this includes banking, cooking, shopping, and connecting. There is not a person who has a smart device that does not use an app.

App Developer

An app developer is a person, or team that is there to help brands build an app for their business. These apps range from games, to music apps, shopping apps, fitness apps and everything else we could possibly need under the sun. They specialise in creating apps that solve people’s problems, help them stay in touch with their favourite brands and make life easier. An app developer is someone who creates, tests, and writes programs. They make sure that the app works, they fix any problems and the design them through codes.

How to Become an App Developer

Some people are naturally more attracted to finding out how things work, and the technical side of things. The first step in becoming an app developer is to have an interest in it. It is important to note that there are different operating systems to work on and start off with one and grow into the others, this includes Windows, Android and iOS. It is highly suggested that you get some formal training and education in it; it is a very complex industry with many complex parts. Having the right guidance and information and make or break it for you. Learn about mobile user interface design, programming, coding and business expertise is a must!

RCM School of Excellence

If you are considering a career in app development, look no further than RCM School of Excellence. They offer detailed courses in a variety of digital marketing and skills. Begin your journey to app development or website development and enrol in an accredited course today.

What are the Advantages of Online Courses?

More students are heading to online courses for a wide array of reasons, but here are a few of the best reasons to pursue online education:

Cost: Online courses are less expensive than traditional courses, especially if you are not financially ready to pursue a full program. You are able to save money on books, travel costs and even food by staying at home and continuing your current lifestyle instead of paying extra costs to move to a campus or drive to one. Additionally, online students from accredited programs may be entitled to financial aid, so chat to a financial advisor at the college you are interested in and see what options are available. Nevertheless, keep in mind that not all online schools are more affordable traditional ones due to ranging credit costs and requirements, so make sure to do research before enrolling


With online education, you are able to read and study during the times of the day when you’re most productive, instead of when the institute says you should be. And if you are overwhelmed with balancing the work and other commitments, you can speak to your advisor for pointers on how to catch up. However, for most, the convenience of online programs can fast turn into a disadvantage; if you are not good at managing your time and commitments, online courses may not be the best option for you. But if you are prepared to buckle down and work, the benefit of online learning allows you to earn your degree without abandoning your other commitments.


Apart from time management features, with most online courses, you have more control of the learning process, this means you can learn more at your own pace. You have the independence to skim subjects you know better than others. But for this to be a true benefit, of course, you should be honest with yourself on what you do and don’t know.


No matter what classes you are taking, one of the main lessons you will learn from taking an online course is how to commit to something and finish it. While traditional learning also demands commitment, students of online learning usually are more self-motivated to succeed because there are no teachers present to pressure you into completing your work. You are the only one that decides when to begin your learning when to complete assignments and study for exams.

RCM School of Excellence Digital Marketing College offers online courses!

Interested in studying digital marketing but just don’t have the time and money for it? We have the best solution for you! RCM School of Excellence Digital Marketing College offers a wide range of online digital marketing courses including social media marketing, search marketing, digital and social selling, and more! Visit our website today for more information!