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Short, Full-Time or Online Digital Marketing Courses: Which Should I Enrol For?

Whether you’re just leaving school, finishing a gap year or looking for a career change, the realm of digital marketing is, for many people, an enticing career choice to move into. As a quickly developing industry it is one with potential for immense professional growth and profitability, and so making the choice to study a digital marketing course, is always a beneficial one for those who are interested in the industry. There are a few approaches to studying in this digital age, and the one that you select will depend on your lifestyle, needs and abilities. So let’s explore these options here.

Who Should Take a Full-Time Course?
Full time courses offer the most comprehensive learning experience for students, but also take up the most amount of time. This makes it perfect for those with few responsibilities such as new school leavers.

Who Should Complete a Short Course?
Short digital marketing courses are designed to do three things. Firstly, they give people the opportunity to grow their skills when they are short on time. Perhaps they are working part-time or have other commitments. Secondly, short courses can serve as an introduction to the industry, allowing students to figure out which branch of digital marketing they would like to specialise in.
The third function of a short course is to help current digital marketing professionals to build on their current collection of skills and abilities, as well as gain insights into new developments in digital.

Who Would Benefit from Online Learning?
Online learning affords students the most flexibility when it comes to studying digital marketing. They can tailor their experience and work according to their own schedules and complete the required work in the comfort of their own home. This is ideal for those who work full-time, freelance in the digital industry or lack the means of transport needed to attend classes.

Contact the RCM School of Excellence to Learn More
The approach that you select will depend on your own goals, abilities and how you prefer to work. If you would like to learn more about enrolling in one of our comprehensive digital marketing courses¸be sure to get into contact with a representative from the RCM School of Excellence Digital College today, or visit our website for additional details.

The Benefits of Learning from Practicing Digital Marketers

You have likely come across a number of ads for digital marketing courses in your area that offer online learning, full accreditation and a whole range of other, supposed benefits. As a college that works closely with the industry, our team has found many of these offers quite interesting (or rather unsettling), since the quality of their offers will, at some point, will have a direct effect on the quality of the digital marketing industry as a whole.

While the quality of the content in the courses offered by these institutions is undeniable, we have found one worrying trend in particular, that we feel is setting students of these schools at a disadvantage. Many of them are being run by people and companies that have no experience or even the slightest interest in the digital marketing industry; which is something that we feel should never happen, lest it lessens the abilities of future generations of marketers.

The fact of the matter is that you could stand to learn about the world of digital in a much more comprehensive and practical way by being shown the ropes by someone who is experienced and active in the world of marketing. So if the college you are looking at isn’t facilitated by bona-fide marketing professionals, or at the very least partnered with a digital agency, then here are a few benefits you could end up missing out on:
Gain Practical Insights from Industry Professionals
The world of digital marketing is a very dynamic one, fraught with changes and developments on a consistent basis. Digital marketing professionals deal with these changes on a daily basis, are familiar with them and can even predict which trends will dominate the market at a given time.

These kinds of insights can’t be learned from generically structured syllabi and sponsored content, and therefore wouldn’t be passed on to you if your marketing teacher actually works in another industry.

Build a Network of Beneficial Connections
People working in the digital marketing industry are in a continual process of building and refining their network of connections; whether they be with clients, potential clients or business partners.
These types of connections give them a huge competitive advantage, and they can pass these connections on to you (wherever viable) when you are learning from them.

Get Hands-On Experience
The practical side of learning the industry requires students to get their hands dirty. Having an experienced and active digital marketing professional guide you through the learning process means that practical experience is coming straight out of the requirements of the industry. This means that you won’t be simply learning a list of facts, but will actually be able to apply them creatively and see their mechanisms at work during your studies.

Contact the RCM School of Excellence Digital College for Details
If you would like to know more about studying the intriguing world of digital marketing under the guidance of a team of experienced digital industry professionals, be sure to contact the RCM School of Excellence Digital College, or visit our website for details on our online and on-campus, internationally accredited courses.

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