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The Digital Marketing Industry: A Path to Wealth and Inspiration

Digital Marketing Wealth And Inspiration

The Twenty-First century and the rise of the internet has seen a lot of exciting new industries and career opportunities spring up for those with the initiative and drive to take advantage of them, and in no other industry is this truer than in the online marketing one. Advertising has always been an enticing enterprise with constant changes and developments that make use of new mediums, and digital marketing is no exception.
But what exactly does it mean to be in the online marketing industry? There is a lot that goes into running a successful advertising campaign, with many of its facets requiring training, knowledge, and experience that can only be found on the job. So, which one of these areas of online marketing appeal most to you?
Sales and Customer Relations
Sales is the backbone of just about any industry since every company needs a stream of reliable clients to keep the wheels turning, to stimulate growth and to make a name for themselves. When it comes to the world of online advertising, salespeople are expected to be on the ball, informed about how and why one should opt for an online campaign, and they need to be able to assist potential clients with seeing the value in running an online campaign.
Ask any salesman out there and they will tell you that the best salespeople believe in the service they are selling, which is great for online marketing since the service speaks for itself. So, with a little training and experience, you could become the next top salesperson in the online advertising industry.
Web Design, Graphic Design and App Development
Building quality websites, adverts, and mobile applications are the cornerstone of a successful online marketing agency, which means that there are opportunities abound for web, graphics and app designers with the creative talent and drive to create functional, user-friendly and well-designed platforms.
Each of these skills can only be obtained through rigorous training, hard work, trial and error and a genuine interest in creating something that is new and unique. Of course, developers and designers also need to be able to closely follow briefs given out by content managers and clients, while still being able to provide a sense of creative flair to the build.
Marketing Campaign and Social Media Management
Managing online marketing campaigns such as AdWord campaigns and social media profiles for businesses is challenging but rewarding for both you and your clients, but they are skills that are not easily acquired.
However, with careful training and dedication, you can get AdWords certified and become a pro at balancing and optimising client campaigns to see that all of their advertising needs are met on the Search Network, the Display Network, as well as on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.
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For more information on training and courses that will give you a great start in the online advertising community, be sure to contact a representative from the RCM School of Excellence for more details on our courses, content, and the opportunities that we provide.

Digital Marketing: An Intriguing Field for Creative Individuals

Digital Marketing Field

Once upon a time, graphic design, film production and article writing were considered some of the most creative fields that job-seekers could get into. However, with developments in digital technology, particularly the internet, these fields have been bypassed as those that give workers creative freedom of expression, by mediums that are concerned with the world-wide-web.
Almost all businesses recognise the importance of running a digital marketing campaign, but very few of them have the expertise, skills and experience to do so with any level of success, which has created an overwhelming number of opportunities for those who are bold enough to break into a new and exciting industry, while getting the chance to flex their creative muscles in an environment that fosters it.
There are many creative areas of focus when it comes to digital marketing, and here are just a few that you could break into today:
Graphic Design
Graphic design is possibly one of the first fully creative professions to grace the modern workplace, but with developments in digital technology, the idea behind what it means to be a graphic artist has diversified somewhat.
Many designers find success and satisfaction through story-boarding, logo design and print advertising; but since the world-wide-web has exploded onto the scene, the call for talented designers working in the digital marketing world has been great.
Web and App Development
Designing and developing platforms such as mobile apps and webpages make up the cornerstone of the digital marketing field. There is a certain amount of creative problem solving involved in both of these career paths, and each one can end up being as lucrative as the next.
This also takes into account SEO (or search engine optimisation) which describes how elements in web-design can be used to obtain the best possible search engine rankings.
Creative Writing
The creation of content that is interesting engaging and informative is essential for maintaining a successful website, and communicating your clients’ needs to their audiences.
It is a challenging job with plenty of room for growth, both personal and professional. Specialising in creating and managing content, could even open doors to other publishers.
Audio Visual Production
Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have become an important part of digital marketing campaigns, which means there will always be a need for individuals who can develop high quality material for these sites.
Particularly in the field of video production, more and more emphasis is being payed to hooking clients through engaging videos.
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If you would like to get a head start in the creative field of digital marketing, why not enlist in training from long-standing professionals in the field. Contact the RCM School of Excellencetoday to find out more information about enrolling in a certified digital marketing coarse that will give you hands on experience in the industry.

Prepare Yourself for a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry is a charismatic and dynamic one, perfect for those with the energy and enthusiasm to apply themselves to consistent professional development. The industry is lively, energetic, and most importantly, lucrative when entered into with properly.
However, it is a somewhat complicated line of work, with more specialisations and required skillsets than you would imagine, which means there is always more about the industry that can be learned.
If you have been considering an exciting career in digital marketing, then you need to know where to start. A good first step, would be to find reliable and informative training in a few or all of the following areas.
Web and App Development
Website development is one of the cornerstones of the digital marketing industry, since it is the primary medium from which your potential clients will reach their customers.
Whether you are self-taught, or need a good place to start from, engaging in professionally conducted and overseen training on web-development will give you a crucial tool and much needed experience if you are looking at a career in web development.
Fancy yourself a budding coder? Then why not push your knowledge and test your skills with a course in app development that makes use of JavaScript or C++. Not all digital media agencies have taken the initiative yet on incorporating application building into their set of services; so by upping your skills now, you will be preparing yourself for an exciting, challenging and rewarding career in app design.
Search Engine Optimisation
Another crucial area of online marketing involves search engine optimisation. SEO is the process of favourably boosting a website’s search engine ranking, allowing it to be displayed in the top sections of search engines such as Google.
It involves the efficient use of keywords, considering website design practices and learning how to target the ideal audience for your clients.
Social Media Marketing
With Social media campaigns benefitting companies the world over, what would a comprehensive skillset in digital marketing be without at least some attention paid to this sphere. While social media campaigns are a fairly new phenomenon when compared to the other disciplines in digital marketing, it is no less important and beneficial to your clients.
So, when preparing yourself for a career in digital marketing, make sure that you find a course that concentrates on the social media aspects as well.
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If you would like to know more about the benefits, process and cost of receiving such training from an accredited school with the best interest in your future in mind, why not contact a consultant from Right Click Media School of Excellence today. Space for enrolments are limited, so be sure to get there first.
The RCM School of Excellence is dedicated to providing students with the brightest possible futures in the digital marketing industry. So, take the first step of your head-start today and visit our website for more information.

The Benefits of Being a Well-rounded Web Developer

Well-Rounded Web Developer

Generally, software developers are skilled in at least one programming language with knowledge and experience extending from those who are fresh out of college to the mastery of the languages’ designers. However, there are only so many hours in a day and most of us must make a decision as to how we use that time, including developing the skills we use in our professional lives. For web developers, decisions have to be made regarding what to learn, how much to learn, which skills to develop and when to use them. In web development, it pays to be well-rounded.
To a web developer, a programming language needs to be a tool, rather than a way of life. Different challenges require different tactics. For instance, you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to fix a leaking pipe when a pipe wrench is at your disposal and, similarly, you wouldn’t use a programming language lacking specific features for processing HTTP requests to create a website. If a developer has access to a large set of tools then they are capable of solving a more diverse set of problems. Of course, expertise is needed as is knowing when to utilize one language over another. If confusion does arise when a jQuery script doesn’t connect straight to a database, further reading is required.
It should be apparent that some problems require various tools working together and, although several combinations could get the job done, there is often a helpful synergy when the correct selection is made. For instance, a web service can be built using C++ and XML, however, leveraging C# and JSON through the use of javascript will probably lead to a more up-to-date and usable interface for other applications and services to interact with. Both methods will get the job done, there is a definite preference for one over the other.
If someone wishes to become a software developer that specializes in responsive web design, for example, they will first need to learn how to use a programming language, which is something they most probably had little to no experience with up to that time. It will require a significant amount of time, troubleshooting and dedication to reach any level of mastery. But once that effort is put in, there will be several benefits to reap. Learning one programming language lays the foundation for learning new ones, cutting the time required to reach proficiency with the next language undertaken. Simply put, learning how to use a tool makes one better at learning how to use tools – and this benefit is amassed.
In conclusion, there is a matter of perspective. As different tools not only have different uses but different methods of use, perspective can be gauged on the tools one already has knowledge of, by way of the ones one doesn’t. A web developer could use languages like C#, SQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS but learning a functional language like F# might help that developer write simpler, cleaner code.

The RCM School of Excellence is a digital marketing college aimed at enriching the minds of individuals. Graduates of the RCM School of Excellence will be awarded a certificate of completion and Google accreditation for students who have completed the comprehensive or digital marketing course. Above all, students will gain practical knowledge and gain valuable information from industry leaders. At the RCM School of Excellence, you can become a web developer, learning things like Basics of Web Design and Layout, Adding pages, posts and media, knowledge of hosting packages, installation templates, the Basics of HTML and CSS, and so much more.

How AdWords Helps Your Organic SEO

With over a million businesses utilizing on Google AdWords, there must be a reason why nearly all market leaders make use of it. Ultimately, these online adverts cost money and had they not produced results, Google wouldn’t be the success story that it is today.
Google swears irrefutably that AdWords doesn’t directly affect the organic rankings of a website. Though several small businesses owners claim that their organic rankings “appear to improve” when they utilize AdWords and lessen when they stop using them. Here is a look at how AdWords aids your organic SEO:

Getting the Best Keyword Data

One of the greatest challenges for most website owners is identifying and targeting the correct keywords. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner offers detailed info on keywords for your specific audience or industry. AdWords also gives you the information and the monthly average of the volume of searches for a given word or phrase, the competition level for each term, and the data of the pay-per-click market rate for each term.

Refining Your Keyword List

Organic rankings require quite a bit of time. When targeting a certain keyword (particularly one with a high level of competition) specialised SEO services can take six months to a year to see any results. Even when results are achieved, they may not be as significant as you imagined.
However, if you run a small AdWords campaign to test the keywords that are selected; you may be able to save quite a bit of time. You will be able to see the conversion rate of the keyword easily, as well as the bounce rate. This will indicate to you which keywords are worth targeting to improve your organic search results.

Improving the Click Through Rates for Current Rankings

AdWords might also help increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) with current rankings. This is useful if you are ranking well for a specific keyword, getting satisfactory traffic but unable to monetize because of a low CTR. Generally, changing up the title and description can enhance the CTR.
Though it’s impossible to test your meta-description in the organic search, you can easily test ad copy in AdWords, then amend your web page meta-descriptions built on your AdWords testing.

Improving Geo-Targeting

Another way to use AdWords is to bid on traffic from various different geographic locations. This, in conjunction with Google Analytics, allows you to compare the ways in which various locations convert. There can be significant inconsistencies in conversions for precisely same keywords in different locations.

Dropping Bounce Rates

While this hasn’t been verified by Google, it is thought that a high bounce rate – particularly when the bounce results in a click to a rival site – will affect a website’s ranking negatively. However, when targeted traffic is directed to your site via AdWords, especially to a specific page with quality information, it can help in increasing their time on your site, while minimizing the bounce rate, potentially impacting your site’s rankings in a positive manner.
There is no way you will ever rank for every single keyword that is related to your industry or website. However, with PPC you can fill in these gaps, for a relatively small cost, and enjoy the other in-direct SEO benefits that these ads have to offer.

The RCM School of Excellence is a digital marketing college aimed at enriching the minds of individuals. The RCM School of Excellence is also a certified Google Partner and graduates of the RCM School of Excellence will be awarded a certificate of completion and Google accreditation for students who have completed the comprehensive or digital marketing course. Above all, students will gain practical knowledge and gain valuable information from industry leaders.

Website Speed Optimisation

The beauty of a fast-loading website is subjectto the satisfaction of the speed offered to its visitors. Apart from related results and content, what is also necessary for a user, is to be delivered with fast-loading sites. Website speed is a main-factor regarding page-views, bounce rates as well as conversion rates. Owning a fast-loading website provides nothing but advantages and since Google considers page load time as a ranking factor, it is a fact that website speed does its bit in SEO. However, obsessing over site speed is not a good idea, because like with all Google ranking factors, this one too, doesn’t stand alone in ensuring a high position in SERPs.

Website Speed Guide
Below, you will find a fundamental checklist towards a faster website.
• Website Hosting: Choose a proper website hosting company and be careful when it comes to a shared hosting.
• Content Delivery Network (CDN): By using a CDN your users are served faster, in multiple locations in the world.
• Browser Caching: Browser’s cache serves the frequent requests of a user faster, since it has already saved the requested material.
• HTTP Keep alive: By enabling keep-alive, the connection between a browser and a server stays still every time a request takes place.
• Gzip Compression: By using Gzip Compression, you can decrease the size of files into the website, making them dramatically smaller.
• Code: CSS/HTML code is better to be clear and organised.
• Ads: Don’t overdo it with placements, as they are a cause of slow loading sites and a distraction for your visitors.
• Redirects: Reduce redundant redirections and instead try to fix broken links.
• Image Optimisation: Reduce the size of the images without reducing their quality.
• Plugins: Plugins tend to delay the loading process while plugins of a bad quality tend to do that even more.
• AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): AMP offer a better User Experience, are indexed faster by Google and have a privileged position in SERP.

There are tools which can assist you check the speed performance of your site, offering advice about the factors that need to be taken care of, in order to decrease the delay.
Site speed doesn’t have the same impact in all types of websites. There are websites, like ecommerce sites, where speed matters most. Slow loading websites offer a bad user experience, as they are frustrating and unreliable for a user who is trying to choose a product and make a transaction, for instance. It is worth to remember that according to Google, an ecommerce website shouldn’t exceed the limit of 2 seconds to load, where the best practice for Google is 0, 5 seconds. The importance of speed in the world of internet in terms of user experience, is non-negotiable. Or at least, it is not supposed to be. After all, a good user experience, is rewarded.

These are just some of the things that the RCM School of Excellence can teach you. The RCM School of Excellence is a digital marketing college aimed at enriching the minds of individuals.RCM School of Excellence is a Google Partner. Graduates of the RCM School of Excellence will be awarded with a certificate of completion and Google accreditation for students who have completed the comprehensive or digital marketing course. Most of all, students will gain practical knowledge and gain valuable information from industry leaders.

Search Engine Optimisation Techniques You Should Know


Let’s say you completed a website for your business about three months ago, but you are still not seeing very many people visiting your website. You start doing a little research and find that your website is hidden about eight pages deep on all of the major search engines. It seems that you have created a very nice website, but it isn’t optimised for search engines, so your page is ranked very low.
Search engine optimisation has become a very large field for many different consultants all over the internet. However, the techniques needed to optimise your website for search engines are not very hard to implement on your web site all by yourself. Here are a few of the most important things that you can do for search engine optimisation:

Use keywords all through your website
Many people do a pretty good job putting a good description and group of keywords in their meta-tags, but they don’t use these same keywords throughout the rest of their website. You need to continue to use your keywords throughout the content on the rest of your website if you want to get high search engine rankings.

Create a sitemap
Many search engines will always try to index your site’s pages by following links to all of the different pages. However, if a search engine is unable to follow a link, then a page might not get included in the search engine’s results. To make sure all of your pages get indexed, make sure that you have a text-based sitemap that includes all of the major pages of your website.

Domain Name
Your domain name should be marketable (example: Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, etc.), easy to say names, and even easier to remember. Don’t worry too much about packing keywords into your domain name. Keywords in domain names no longer have the clout they used to.

Simple Design
Don’t re-invent the wheel. If your design is multifaceted, chances are high that it will hinder your visitors’ ability to navigate and view the site, and it will slow down development. The simpler the better.

File/Directory Names Using Keywords
Your filenames and directory names should contain keywords. If your page is about Johannesburg plumbing then the filename should be Johannesburg-plumbing.

Navigation on Every Page
You should place consistent navigation on every page of your Web site. Your navigation should link to the major parts of your website. It would also make sense for every page on your Web site to link back to the home page.

Gobs of Content
The more content, the better. Having pages upon pages of original, relevant content is the best form of search engine optimisation.

The RCM School of Excellence is a digital marketing college aimed at enriching the minds of individuals. The idea of teaching digital skills blossomed from the growing need for skilled individuals who are able to build websites and online applications. RCM School of Excellence’s mission is to provide students with the ability to adapt to the future of the online world. Our aim to give students the skills and ability to work in any digital environment. We hope to empower the individuals and provide training to established corporate companies.

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